Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics is a guide to the ethical and legal responsibilities when conducting Marketing Questionnaires to ensure that

  • does not sell under the guise of research (“sugging”);
  • does not conduct market research survey calls;
  • does not schedule appointments;
  • does not do hotkey transfer of calls;
  • does not promote one specific charity or organization in preference to the others; and
  • does not purport to be a charity, a non-profit organization, or a market research company.

Rather, our Code of Ethics serves as guidance to help us make the right decisions throughout our work when gathering information about individual’s interests and statistical information when conducting our marketing questionnaires.

Compliance will only supply 100% quality-analyzed opt-in records to specific organizations whom individuals have agreed to receive a call from. We do 100% quality call monitoring. We never rely on percentage or random sampling of questionnaire calls as our Quality Control Department listens to and monitors all marketing questionnaire calls conducted., its client partners, the partners named in the questionnaire, its partners similar to those named in the questionnaire, and its charity partners, will contact the responders only if they opted in and provided their consent to be contacted, by phone or by mail., its client partners, the partners named in the questionnaire, its partners similar to those named in the questionnaire, and its charity partners will be fully transparent with the organizations that they are representing when contacting, by phone or by mail, the responders who opted-in. They shall likewise provide the responder an opportunity to opt-out and should suppress the responder’s records once request had been made by the latter. will not supply any 3rd party opted-in data to any charity or organization unless data had been TPS screened.’s Code of Practice is available on our website and we require our partners and affiliates to adhere to our Code of Practice.

Commitment is committed to putting our clients and partners first. We promote the well-being and interests of our responders, our partners, the partners named in the questionnaire, and the partners similar to those named in the questionnaire by providing world-class and excellent service in conducting our marketing questionnaire calls.

We innovate. We strive to find newer and better ways of improving our responders’ call experiences. In this way, we shall gain the trust, confidence, and continued patronage from our charity partners and partner clients.

We strive and remain to be the gold standard in the industry.

We listen, understand, and respond to questions and concerns promptly and professionally. We deal with each issue as it arises, without bias to the scope of the issue or to the length of time. We value transparency, as clearly shown and indicated in our Privacy Policy and Code of Ethics provided in our website. is committed to living up to the highest standards of ethical behavior. Our reputation is built on providing excellent service to people we talk to on the phone when we conduct our marketing questionnaire calls. Each day, we all work hard to protect the brand of our company name and all that it stands for. Every single employee’s participation is necessary to do the right thing for ourselves, the company, and the customers we service. treats all of its employees as important individuals –

  • We respect their dignity and we expect the same from the people they talk to on the phone where they are not discriminated and harassed.
  • We do not tolerate our employees taking abuse from the people they talk to on the phone.
  • We recognize their merits. Therefore, compensation is fair, adequate, and reasonable, with the statutory dues paid on time.
  • We ensure that our working conditions to be clean, orderly and safe.
  • We ensure that they must have a sense of security in their jobs.
  • We are mindful of ways to help our employees fulfill their family responsibilities by providing in-house financing schemes for short term loans at zero interest.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer – we do not discriminate due to race, age, gender preference or national origin.
  • We give equal opportunity for development and advancement for those qualified.
  • We provide competent management whose actions must be just and ethical.

As a socially responsible company, recognizes that our role is not only to create meaningful employment but also to create a difference in the community where we operate in. We are committed to give a percentage of our turn-over to a local charity cause with preferences to those involving children. allows a limited number of sponsored commercial and charity questions for those who would like to gather statistical information. They are however required to provide suitable due diligence that they are a legitimate and ethical organization and must be prepared to donate a percentage of their fee to a nominated charity partner.