Will you protect my privacy?

Yes, please see our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions for more information.

If registered with TPS, will I still be able to receive calls from companies and charities who I have dealt with in the past?

Only if you have given permission for them to call you. It is worth bearing in mind before you register with TPS that you may miss out on calls from companies and charities that you would be happy to hear from. It is important to make sure you give permission to those companies so they can continue to contact you via the telephone or mail.

Why are you asking me about companies and brands if this is a marketing questionnaire call?

Many corporate companies would like to communicate with their customers or potential customers to look at trends on lifestyle, social consciousness, and environmental awareness as more companies develop products that are keen on the latest trends and those that are environment friendly.

Does registering in the TPS stop all unwanted calls?

No, the remit of TPS lies strictly within the boundaries of live unsolicited calls of a sales/marketing nature. It does not stop other call types such as recorded/automated messages, silent calls, market research, overseas companies, debt collection, scam calls, nuisance and abusive calls etc.